Tesla offers FSD trial plan to more customers
Tesla offers FSD trial plan to more customers

Tesla is making a beta version of its fully self-driving software, FSD, available to more drivers through a "request" button on the car's dashboard screen, although the head of the National Transportation Safety Board raised serious concerns about the safety of the car's dashboard last week.

However, the company sets its own level of security before the driver can access the software. According to a page on the company's website, he uses five criteria to estimate the likelihood that his driving will cause an accident in the future.

The result is a data table collected by the sensors in the driver's Tesla car. It takes into account forward collision warnings, severe braking, sharp turns, dangerous pursuit, and forced autopilot separation every 1,000 miles.

If your vehicle detects that your hands have been taken off the steering wheel and you are inattentive, the autopilot function is deactivated according to safety instructions after three visual and acoustic warnings.

The guide does not provide any indication of the level of security that the company believes is acceptable for accessing the FSD. But he said most drivers get 80 points (out of 100). The driver must always maintain control of the vehicle.

The company will launch a fully autonomous driving pilot project earlier this year. I did this after some customers unlocked a limited beta version of the software.

I opened a monthly subscription to FSD in July at $199 per month. For Tesla owners who purchase the discontinued updated version of the Autopilot package, the price is $99 per month.

Previously, the one-time fee for an FSD package was $10,000. According to the terms on the company's website, car owners can cancel their monthly FSD subscription at any time.

Tesla customers can now request access

The president of the US National Transportation Safety Board, Jennifer Homedy, said last week that the company must address important safety concerns before expanding the FSD. She described the company's use of the term fully autonomous driving as misleading and irresponsible.

Homendi stated that the company appears to have misled several people into misusing the technology. The National Transportation Safety Board can investigate and make recommendations. However, he has no right to enforce the decision.

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