Apple could release a new watch this month
Apple could release a new watch this month

Apple's next-generation smartwatch breaks into the mainstream of how much information users can process at the same time.

The company is working on increasing the screen size of the new Apple Watch Series 7 model.

The company is launching new watch faces that take advantage of the extra space. The company is expected to announce a new line later this month.

This watch is available in 41 and 45 mm diameters, which is an increase over the current 40 and 44 mm diameters.

These dimensions refer to the vertical dimensions of the structure. The new screen measures 1.9 inches diagonally on the larger model compared to 1.78 inches.

The larger model has a resolution of 396 x 484 pixels, while the current model has a resolution of 368 x 448 pixels. This increase means that the device's pixels have grown by about 16%, allowing it to display more information that occurred over a period of time.

Smaller models are seeing a similar leap. But the edges of both watches are thinner.

To take advantage of the new display volume, the company has developed a number of new watch faces for the device, at least some of which can be shipped with the new model.

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  •     Modular Max: Digitally display time and information, such as day of the week, outside temperature, or quick access to apps where extensions are stacked on top of each other at the bottom of the screen. This facet is an improved version of the existing Infograph Modular interface and can only show one major complexity.
  •     The world clock interface, internally called Atlas and World Timer, allows users to view all 24 time zones at the same time. The external drive displays the time zone while the internal drive displays the time at each location. Users can choose to display the time in digital or analog mode.
  •     Continuum: The face changes according to the current time and hour.

Apple could release a new watch this month

The company is also designing new watch faces for Hermes and Nike. The numbers on the Hermes edition change every hour while the numbers on the new Nike face change according to a person's movements.

This is the second increase in screen size in the Apple Watch history. The last increase was in 2018 with the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 4.

But Apple isn't the only company offering a nearly 2-inch screen. Last year, Oppo built a 1.9-inch screen into a device of the same name similar to the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Series 7 received other upgrades, too. The new model has a faster processor and a redesigned case with flatter edges.

The new screen uses a new design of lamination technology to bring the screen closer to the cover. Among other things, this has led to production problems that could delay the Apple Watch Series 7 delivery date or lead to delivery bottlenecks initially.

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