Apple must allow other forms of in-app purchases
Apple must allow other forms of in-app purchases

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers said Apple can no longer prevent app developers from referring users to payment options other than the App Store.

The decision came after a legal battle with popular video game maker Fortnite and was a blow to the iPhone maker. But because Judge no longer calls it a monopoly, the company also scored a partial victory.

The judge ruled that Apple violated California's unfair competition laws by forcing Fortnite and its maker Epic Games to use Apple's payment system through the App Store, while paying a $30 commission for each purchase included in the process.

It has passed a ban that says Apple can no longer prevent developers from adding links to third-party payment options in its apps, reminding users that they can pay for their subscriptions through a web browser rather than an app.

But the judge supported Apple with other claims in the lawsuit, saying it couldn't conclude it was a monopoly.

The court document states: "By examining the transcripts of the negotiations, the court cannot determine that Apple has a monopoly under federal or state antitrust laws. Success is legal."

The final test file contains no evidence of other key factors such as barriers to entry or low innovation in the relevant market.

After months of litigation, decisions that are almost certainly appealable can change the way we use smartphones.

In a statement, Apple framed the decision as a victory for it and emphasized that the court had decided it was not a monopoly.

"The court confirmed what we have always known," she said in the statement. The App Store does not violate antitrust laws. We face stiff competition in all areas in which we operate. We believe that customers and developers choose us because our products and services are the best in the world.

Apple must allow other forms of in-app purchases

In a series of tweets, Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) said the company will keep fighting.

"Today's decision is not a win-win for developers or consumers," he added. We strive to achieve fair competition between in-app payment methods and app stores for one billion consumers. Fortnite can return to the App Store anytime, anywhere. Epic Games can offer in-app payments and in-app payments from Apple.

An Epic Games spokesperson confirmed that the company plans to appeal the decision. After the ban goes into effect within 90 days, Bill must carefully implement the order to avoid being ignored by the court.

In another ruling, the court confirmed that Epic Games had breached its contract with Apple when it implemented an alternative payment system in the Fortnite app.

Therefore, Epic Games has to pay Apple 30% of the total sales generated by the system. Any amount greater than 3.5 million dollars.

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