Apple removes FlickType keyboard from its App Store after copying it
Apple removes FlickType keyboard from its App Store after copying it

Apple successfully held a press conference at which a number of new products were presented. The most important of them are the new iPhone 13 series and the new version of the iPad Tablet up to the seventh generation of its smartwatch.

The seventh generation Apple Smart Watch has a very important feature. It is a full keyboard that allows users to type complete messages as if they were using a smartphone.

This feature is well received by users and is paving the way for smart watches to provide a better user experience. However, the company's smartwatches already support keyboard functionality via the external FlickType app.

After Apple added a built-in keyboard to its smartwatch, the app was directly affected. Because the company started rejecting app updates until it was blocked and the app was eventually removed from the store.

It is reported that app developer Costa Eleftherio has started to focus on a large number of fake apps on the App Store.

Apple Watch keyboard

The unveiling of the new seventh-generation watch keyboard coincided with the removal of the app from the Store. Eleftherio felt that this did not happen by accident. He announced on Twitter that he would formally sue the company.

There is no doubt that Apple's actions are unacceptable in all respects and what happened to the FlickType keyboard is a clear violation of the laws of unfair competition. This is California law. As we all know, Apple is headquartered in this state.

This may not be the first time Apple has "pointed out" other app ideas for its own apps. Or integrate the functionality of these apps directly into iOS and iPadOS.

As we all know, iPhone and iPad app developers cannot sell their apps outside the App Store. Thus, removing the app from the App Store is a death certificate for them.

A few days ago, a US court ruled to force the company to allow developers to add third-party payment methods instead of relying on the standard payment system built into apps and games in the App Store.

The verdict was reached in a case between Apple and Epic Games. It also relates to issues of competition and monopoly. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that the developer Costa Eleftherio will win his case against the company if the legal action is taken seriously.

Apple's behavior with the FlickType keyboard is very strange. The company can keep the app because users are more willing to use the built-in watchOS keyboard anyway.

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