Apple will ask you before promoting you in iOS 15
Apple will ask you before promoting you in iOS 15

Apple started asking for permission to run personalized ads in iOS 15. This way, the company analyzes what you read, buy, and search for on your device in order to place relevant ads on the App Store and Apple News. .

The company collected this information by default. But now intend to ask for permission.

The company requires other developers to obtain user permission when app tracking transparency first appears. So this seems to indicate that they followed similar standards.

If you are using the latest iOS 15 beta, you will see a personalized promotional popup when you open the App Store.

In the pop-up, the company wrote that ads can help you discover related apps, products, and services while protecting your privacy by using device-generated credentials rather than associating promotional information with an Apple ID.

The source of targeted ads varies depending on the advertising company's policy. However, it may contain information about your device, searches and purchases on the App Store, and hot articles you read on Apple News.

The Company adheres to its guidelines and also allows you to completely opt out of personalized advertising in the Settings app.

Apple ad targeting, or personalized ads as the company calls it, are activated by default without prompting.

Users need to understand the settings themselves and navigate through the four settings levels to disable them.

The standard activation also triggered an antitrust investigation, not least because the company had restricted third-party ad networks' ability to target individual users by introducing transparency into app tracking.

In France, for example, the company is currently facing an antitrust complaint that its users do not fully understand the use of their personal data in connection with targeted advertising.

Apple will ask you before promoting you in iOS 15

It's a small step companies can use to treat themselves as developers. As part of the Application Tracking Transparency Policy, all of these individuals should be required to track users of Apple products.

However, targeting Apple-owned ads is technically outside of these limitations and is different from developer apps, which may share the information they collect with third parties.

The developer is expected to ask users if they agree to the tracking. However, this allows companies to indicate what they do as testimonials.

This change is seen as another waiver in response to the antitrust review the company is currently undergoing.

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