Apple's next big tech company missed the iPhone 13 event
Apple's next big tech company missed the iPhone 13 event

At Apple's annual conference, he presented the new iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices, all of which are improvements over previous models.

However, what the company hasn't brought to market is a new type of product or Apple's next big thing. 1. It's the same as iPhone.

In recent years, the company and its CEO Tim Cook have focused on augmented reality, or AR for short. This term refers to a group of technologies that advanced cameras and modern chips use to make sense of objects and users, and to put computer graphics or information on screen in Show the World. Reality.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and other tech enthusiasts claim that augmented reality technology embedded in headgear or masks could transform the tech industry, just like the iPhone's original touch screen that made billions of dollars in profits.

But in the recent incident, augmented reality technology did not appear, just mentioning one augmented reality app that can run on iPads. Justin Ezarek, known as iJustine through her popular YouTube channel, raised the issue of the lack of AR at launch in a video interview with Cook she released after the event.

In his response, Cook repeated some of the things he said about augmented reality in the past. But he made it clear that his optimism about the technology remains, calling himself a number one fan of augmented reality.

He said, "I think augmented reality is one of the few very deep technologies. One day we'll see and say how we can live without it."

Cook mentioned that the main uses of augmented reality technology include education, collaboration, and buying furniture while making sure it fits in the user's home.

Proponents of augmented reality say that wearing computer glasses can become a normal everyday experience, just like using a smartphone today.

Apple has focused on augmented reality in recent years

Apple has never confirmed that it makes AR headphones. Although it has acquired several startups dealing with core technologies such as transparent in-lens displays, it has hired hundreds of people to work on their technology development teams.

Some of the company's closest competitors have already launched glasses. Facebook has released Ray-Ban sunglasses with cameras, which the company claims to be a leader in more advanced products.

Microsoft is developing a high-end headset called Hololens and has signed a multi-billion dollar deal with the US military.

When Google Glass launched Google in 2013, it ignited Silicon Valley's obsession with computer glasses.

Apple's lack of augmented reality advertising doesn't mean it has given up on the technology. The focus of the event is on devices and products that customers can purchase on the spot. No information was provided about the exit in the next few years.

None of the company's new devices include augmented reality hardware, which is different from the past few years when some models added lidar sensors that can measure distance to objects.

The new iPhone Pro camera features an improved Night Mode that can be a useful function of the headset in low-light conditions.

So far, the company has publicly looked at augmented reality as a software feature. It also developed tools called ARKit and RealityKit for app developers to create augmented reality apps for the iPhone. This can be done without triangulating the user's position or recognizing hands and faces.

iPhone iOS 15 includes a mode in which Apple Maps superimposes real walking paths. This is to tell the user where to go with the large arrow on the iPhone screen.

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