ByteDance adds time limit via its China app
ByteDance adds time limit via its China app

Bytedance said in a new blog post that the Chinese version of the popular short video app Tik Tok (called Douyin) has limited daily use by users in China to between 14 and 40 minutes.

The youth status of the app is still in line with the new restrictions imposed by the Chinese government on children's access to electronic games.

In order to further protect minors, the company made it clear before June 1st. We have announced that we will implement the most stringent youth protection measures in the platform's history. Users under the age of 14 go directly to Youth Mode and cannot end it on their own.

It shows that teens under the age of 14 arrive in Doyen between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. However, they cannot use the app outside of this window.

These rules apply to Authenticated Users under the age of 14. The company encourages parents to help their children complete the real name authentication process or enable Youth Mode if the app requires it.

The Chinese government has made efforts to reduce the amount of time Chinese teens spend on the Internet, which it believes is harmful.

Last month, the State Administration of Publications and Publications announced new regulations banning Chinese citizens under the age of 18 from playing online games between 8pm and 9pm on Fridays, weekends and public holidays.

Authorities have required gaming companies and platforms such as Douyin to use real names for all users. This process requires the user to provide a phone number and other ID to access the online game.

ByteDance wants to protect young people

ByteDance said content that users can use in Youth Mode now includes interesting science experiments, museum exhibits, national landscapes, historical knowledge and other educational materials.

"We hope this content will interest children in a particular area," she added. You will learn and gain something by watching the video.

Chinese regulators this year tightened their control over the internet and censored the internet, which violates basic socialist values.

The authorities have made a specific call to strengthen the protection of minors from the dangers of the Internet, including the random and chaotic worship of celebrities on the Internet.

The popular social messaging app WeChat from Tencent has a youthful status. This will restrict young users' access to certain games and features when they are activated. For example, the ability to pay or find friends near you.

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