Average watch time for Tik Tok outperforms YouTube
Average watch time for Tik Tok outperforms YouTube

According to a report by App Annie, an app analytics company, TikTok users watch more content per month than YouTube users.

In the US, ByteDance surpassed YouTube for the first time in August of last year.

In June 2021, users watched more than 24 hours of content per month, while the watch time for the Google video platform was 22 hours and 40 minutes.

This difference is most evident in the UK, where ByteDance outperformed YouTube last May.

Users now have to watch approximately 26 hours of content per month, while the watch time on YouTube is less than 16 hours.

These numbers include reviews on Android phones only. However, it cannot be representative of the entire mobile user.

In addition to the caveats, it also shows how high the sophistication of Chinese platforms has been in just a few years.

Compared to the 10-minute format that many YouTubers prefer, it's also impressive considering that most of their videos are a maximum of three minutes in length.

Average watch time for Tik Tok outperforms YouTube

Despite the chaotic negotiations, Chinese platforms in the US have been threatened with bans for most of 2020 (Biden officially rescinded Trump's executive order earlier this year), but those numbers are still emerging. .

YouTube still topped the overall time. This is due to its 2 billion users while the Tik Tok platform has 700 million users.

In addition to iOS users and app users, the app in China has been renamed Douyin. Among the social and entertainment apps, YouTube still ranks number one when it comes to the time you spend on Android phones. In the first half of this year, TikTok ranked fifth, behind Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram apps.

YouTubers around the world also spend more on iOS and Android than they do on Chinese platforms. (Excluding Android users in China), according to data from App Annie.

App analytics company App Annie believes the Chinese platform has achieved this success with short videos, original content and live broadcasts. No wonder then that YouTube tried to emulate the short video format of the Chinese platform by introducing YouTube Short.

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