Bitcoin combines the characteristics of technology and money
Bitcoin combines the characteristics of technology and money

Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is a revolutionary innovation. This is also considered the worst economic event in recent years. These two views are the most popular views of cryptocurrency. who has yet to find an agreement.

Anyone interested in technology can still connect with these two teams. One of the main reasons people disagree with Bitcoin may be how much profit they can get from it.

Here, thousands of people have managed to create massive wealth by investing or mining cryptocurrencies. Although millions of people lost this opportunity.

Another reason could be the way people think about cryptocurrencies. The most important question for them remains: is it real currency or advanced technology?

Is bitcoin a currency or a technology?

Viewers who interact with digital currencies such as Bitcoin have different views on this topic. You cannot be sure of his identity. Especially those who come directly from the field of traditional investments.

This confusion is due to the fact that people do not use cryptocurrency in normal times. Because no one uses it to buy coffee before going to work. Additionally, most bitcoin owners will not levy property taxes.

Bitcoin and other digital currencies have suffered severe and ongoing chaos. Since the value of Bitcoin was $30,000 earlier this year. It hit $60,000 in May. It is now worth $50,000.

No matter how careful you are, these huge numbers can attract any investor. But is it an investment in a foreign currency? Either an investment in the latest technology or a simplified product description.

Bitcoin can be placed under traditional currencies. However, coins usually retain their value over a long period of time. He usually does not get up after a fall, or does not wake up quickly.

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin offer great value for money transfer abroad. If you want to send money to your friends or family through the bank, you may have to pay a flat transfer fee of up to $45.

When exchanging a currency other than the US dollar, an additional conversion fee may be charged to the user. In addition, it will take a day or two for the transfer to arrive successfully. With Bitcoin, the transfer fee is less than three dollars, regardless of the amount. The conversion is completed in a few minutes.

This is where cryptocurrency comes in as a cutting edge technology. Large banks with thousands of employees and branches take two business days to convert high commissions. Although cryptocurrency technology requires a few minutes and low transfer fees.

On the other hand, technologies like decentralized finance allow users to get credit from each other in a matter of minutes. This market has reached nearly 50 billion US dollars in a short period of time.

Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, can be placed between modern software technology and traditional currencies.

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