Tesla plans to release a larger version of the FSD software
Tesla plans to release a larger version of the FSD software

Nearly a year after Tesla began testing its controversial FSD pilot program with certain customers, CEO Elon Musk said its goal is to have a wider rollout by the end of September.

The news was released after an old version of the program was leaked on the Internet. Musk announced on Twitter that the company will begin rolling out FSD version 10 at midnight on September 10 to early access program customers.

The program will take several weeks to debug and correct, and Musk estimates it will take 4 weeks.

Currently, the public beta button is being made available to more corporate customers and the button is expected to be made available in the form of a download button for those who purchase the FSD software package.

Musk has promised to offer a larger version of the beta program to customers who have already purchased the FSD package (currently priced at $10,000). The company can skip that deadline, and Musk will post a new date on Twitter to keep customers excited.

In 2018, Musk said that the highly anticipated version of FSD would be released in August, but that did not happen.

He did it again in 2019, and announced that more than a million cars would be installed at FSD in 2020, but that didn't happen either.

Tesla plans to release a larger version of the FSD software

The company began shipping FSD 9th Edition in July. But only for Early Access members. Some clients are tired of waiting and have sued the company for false advertising.

Tesla said the software can control steering, lane alignment, braking and acceleration on highways and city streets. However, it is still considered an advanced level 2 driver assistance system because it requires constant monitoring by the driver.

Studies have shown that this role as a watcher makes it difficult for drivers to stay alert on the road, which can be dangerous.

Drivers also bear legal responsibility for the vehicle, which some believe undermines the company's marketing of its products as completely stand-alone products.

Compared to its competitors, the company is more willing to beta test the autopilot with customers. To collect data and fix any errors in the system.

This helps cement Tesla's public image as a leader in autonomous driving. Despite the fact that his cars never reached the consensus of most experts in defining self-driving cars.

The older version of the company's FSD software has been leaked and is now spreading across the hacking community. Recently, Ukrainian Tesla owners posted a video of FSD Beta 8.2 in Kiev that was not released by Tesla.

The company is developing the FSD for the US market and has not modified it for use in other countries. There are different traffic lights and rules of conduct.

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