BMW thinks of sustainable cars
BMW thinks of sustainable cars

BMW presented its i Vision Circular concept car at the IAA Munich 2021 as a 100% recyclable electric mini car in 2040.

This sedan demonstrates the company's goal of developing a sustainable and luxurious vehicle. A typical four-seater vehicle is approximately 157 inches long.

Thanks to the power supply system and the single box shape, i Vision Circular offers enough space inside.

The main priority is to reduce the number of total components and use recycled materials for the rest.

As a result, the car is now 100% recyclable, including batteries made almost entirely from recycled materials.

The car fits the company's sustainability concept as it eliminates the use of screws and composite materials in the manufacture of the vehicle and instead uses ropes, studs and quick anchors to facilitate the disassembly and assembly process.

i Vision Circular has abandoned the idea of ​​body paint and replaced it with recycled anodized aluminum body parts and recycled plastic fenders.

The digital roof is not chrome-plated on the windowsill, but is wrapped and covered with Hofmeister folds, which, according to the company, can be used to display vehicle information to approaching occupants.

Car stickers and emblems are laser engraved or engraved in place of the physical parts to be attached.

BMW thinks of sustainable cars

The grid becomes a digital element, trying to emulate the company's traditional grid, which is also used as a headlight. The company announced that the tires are made of durable natural rubber.

The interior has been kept in soft tones, the floorboards and doors are a light mint green and the seats are trimmed in a recyclable lavender fabric.

The glass roof creates a well-ventilated cabin. The front seats should look like lounge chairs and there is a seat in the back.

The dashboard is not a dashboard, but a 3D crystal sculpture that uses lights to simulate the idea of ​​a car.

This is where the car's thinking is visualized so users can see the intelligence of its actions, the company said.

Driver information is displayed in the head-up display via the head-up display. The steering wheel is also 3D printed.

In addition, it has two touch panels with the same crystal appearance that are attached to the steering wheel. According to BMW, each rear seat has its own sound zone so that passengers can listen to their own music.

The company stated that this approach increased the amount of recycled and reused materials in its vehicles by 30 to 50%.

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