Volkswagen has a small electric car suitable for the city
Volkswagen has a small electric car suitable for the city

At IAA MOBILITY 2021 in Munich, Volkswagen announced that Volkswagen is adding another product to its range of electric vehicles with the introduction of ID.Life concept car. This is a product for city dwellers. Front wheel drive electric vehicle.

The company is accelerating the transition to electric vehicles with its strategy of making sustainable travel available to more people by 2025, two years ahead of schedule.

This compact crossover shares the MEB platform and battery with ID.3, and the company plans to launch it in Europe by 2025.

ID.Life is powered by a 231 hp engine and a 57.0 kW battery, which is significantly larger than the 35 kW battery in the Honda electric city car.

It can cover 400 kilometers on a single charge, like other electric cars at the Munich Motor Show, ID.Life Concept aims to show how Volkswagen can build more sustainable cars.

The clear paint uses wood chips as a natural dye, while the interior ceiling fabric is made from 100% recycled PET bottles.

Other materials are wood in the dashboard and ArtVelours Eco seats as well as natural rubber, bio-oil and rice husks in the tires.

Thanks to the MEB platform, the interior can be changed by folding the front or rear seats down.

This offers many possibilities. The company ranged from cinema seats to almost two-meter beds.

Volkswagen has a small electric car suitable for the city

ID.Life Concept Car's roof can be removed to enable an open driving experience. The hexagonal steering wheel uses an interior digital display instead of the traditional touch screen.

Your smartphone can also be connected and used to operate navigation systems, audio, etc. The driver can install a smartphone instead of the traditional dashboard-mounted infotainment screen.

The ID.Life concept uses cameras and small screens instead of indoor and outdoor mirrors. However, this is one of the future features that we are not planning on in the production model.

It also contains a video game console and a projector, and its view can be expanded from the dashboard if necessary.

Some or all of these hacked concept features may appear on production vehicles. It should reach Europe in 2025.

Volkswagen gave a starting price of about $23,700. The company, through its range of electric vehicles, aims to increase its share of electric vehicle sales in Europe to 70% by 2030.

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