Brave adds Brave Talk for video conferencing
Brave adds Brave Talk for video conferencing

Brave Software, the startup behind the browser of the same name, has announced the introduction of a privacy-paid video conferencing feature built into its browser that enables all users to make and receive video calls directly from the browser.

The tool is called Brave Talk and it has been in beta testing since May last year. The company said there were about 14,000 daily active users during that period. Also known as early adopters and developers who are taking advantage of Brave Beta.

Access is now open, and the company has released a spin-off to show users a privacy-focused video conference.

Many other video conferencing providers, including zoom, monitoring calls, metadata, images, and recordings of that data, can be sold or redistributed without user consent, the company said.

She added: Users of this feature can activate multiple levels of encryption by calling. Thus, the spy cannot monitor the user's call. Our server does not store any metadata. Therefore, calls, photos and activities are never recorded or shared without the user's consent.

The video calling software is a $7 monthly subscription to Brave Talk Premium features like conference calls and call recording. However, simple one-to-one calls are free and unlimited.

The browser app for Android and iOS currently offers Brave Talk Premium. However, you will also receive a free copy in the coming weeks.

Brave Talk covers all users

The user who started the video call must do so in the browser. However, the recipient must use a modern browser (eg Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc.) to participate in the video chat.

While the company touted Do Not Track as a unique feature of video conferencing software over traditional service providers like Zoom, it's worth noting that Brave Talk has yet to receive end-to-end encryption.

The company said it is using Jitsi as an open source video conferencing platform. It is based on the open source WebRTC technology, which enables developers to embed HD video directly into the browser.

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