Xiaomi phones do not censor user communications
Xiaomi phones do not censor user communications

On the second day when the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense advised consumers to stop using Chinese mobile phones, the Chinese company Xiaomi said its devices would not censor users' communications because the media giant's flagship phones have censorship capabilities.

The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense advises consumers not to buy Chinese mobile phones and recommends people to abandon the mobile phones they currently own as government reports have shown that these devices have monitoring capabilities.

The Lithuanian National Cyber ​​Security Agency said in a report that the monitoring function of the Mi 10T 5G mobile phone software is no longer used in the European Union. But it can be controlled remotely at any time.

In a statement sent to Reuters, a Xiaomi spokesperson said that its devices will not censor communications with or from users.

The statement states: "Xiaomi has not, and will never, prohibit the personal behavior of its smartphone users, such as searching, calling, browsing the Internet, or using third-party communication software."

The statement added that the company fully respects and protects the legitimate rights and interests of all users.

The National Internet Center report also notes that the company's cell phone sends encrypted cell phone usage data to a server in Singapore. This could violate European data protection regulations.

A company spokesperson said: We comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation.

Deputy Defense Minister Margres Apokevisios told Reuters that the Defense Ministry has soon submitted its report to cybersecurity officials in other European Union countries and the United States.

"Our advice is not to buy new Chinese phones and get rid of the ones you bought as soon as possible," he added.

Terms Xiaomi might review include "liberation from Tibet", "long live Taiwan independence" and "movement for democracy".

Lithuanian Ministry of Defense accuses Xiaomi of conducting a review

Last month, China asked Lithuania to withdraw its ambassador to Beijing. She said she would call her envoy back to Vilnius after Taiwan announced that her mission to Lithuania was called the Taiwan Representative Office.

Taiwan missions in Europe and the United States use the name Taipei so as not to mention the island itself, which China classifies as its territory.

US President Joe Biden's national security adviser last week reiterated his support for the Lithuanian prime minister in the face of pressure from China.

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