Comparison of Game Streaming Platforms on YouTube Facebook and Twitch
Comparison of Game Streaming Platforms on YouTube Facebook and Twitch

A large number of users around the world have shown interest in watching live game content. Where players are streamed live in a matter of hours, especially for popular games like PUBG or CoD, there are many companies that offer this service like YouTube, Amazon, and Facebook.

The competition between these three platforms is fierce, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, which has lost jobs and delayed learning in many countries for millions of users around the world. This ensures that players have more time to play their game and increases ratings.

We share with you a comparison of Amazon's Twitch platform, YouTube gaming platform on YouTube, and Facebook gaming platform on Facebook.

Twitch gaming platform

Twitch was developed as a sub-platform of Justin TV, a global content delivery platform, and Twitch is its gaming arm. But over time, Justin TV faded away and his attention turned entirely to Twitch.

The platform was very successful and many events were broadcast on the platform. This led to Google and Amazon competing with each other to get it, and Amazon succeeded in that regard.

Twitch is generally very professional in gaming, has some of the best content producers in the gaming space, and makes more money for gamers than YouTube.

Its downside is the difficulty of finding new players and succeeding, plus anyone can make any income from Twitch only by becoming a partner of the platform, which is difficult.

Facebook Games Live Streaming Platform

Facebook did not leave this active area to Google and Amazon as it launched its own game streaming service, Facebook Gaming, to compete in this field.

Facebook is not a big player, because Twitch and YouTube perform very differently. However, the value of the Facebook gaming platform lies in its association with the Facebook social network. Because Facebook users can easily watch the game broadcast in the main application or online.

The general feature of the service is the link to the player's Facebook account. In addition to the Facebook chat feature in the game broadcast, this allows him to easily share his broadcast with his friends and followers, and Facebook encourages future game creators.

The downside is that it is still new, takes a long time to develop, and the for-profit affiliate program is not the best.

Youtube gaming platform

YouTube should be at the top of this list because it is the largest and largest platform for video content and videos.

The platform has created a dedicated YouTube gaming branch, and some game content is still available on the main YouTube platform.

The YouTube gaming platform is closely linked to the main YouTube platform and allows features such as a DVR to be played during broadcasts to reduce the time it takes for broadcasts to start reaching an audience. In addition, the platform allows quick access to viewers, especially if the operator has a separate YouTube channel with viewers.

Unlike the previous two systems, this platform can stream at resolutions up to 4K. In addition, its disadvantages are very limited, in the difficulty of creating an audience and slow growth, and in not providing an easy solution for communication between audiences.

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