Everything you need to know about the Facebook Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses
Everything you need to know about the Facebook Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses

Facebook will not hesitate to quote ideas and products from other companies. You may have repeated this more than once on Snapchat. He cited the idea of ​​the story disappearing after 24 hours and the idea of ​​adding augmented reality to its application.

Facebook also borrowed some lenses from Snapchat. When the company started marketing itself as a camera company. This became known in 2016 when Mark Zuckerberg confirmed his company's interest in cameras and said that cameras would become the primary means of content sharing.

Facebook's smart glasses are very similar to Snapchat's Snap Spectacles. Their official name is Ray-Ban Stories In general, the Ray-Ban brand has been at the forefront of promoting new eyewear, which means it is the most influential in the creation of this product. .

Ray-Ban Stories is the first Facebook smart product for all users. It differs from the virtual reality glasses of its sub-brand, Oculus. Contrary to many people's expectations, the new glasses do not support virtual reality.

Facebook Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses

The new glasses are priced at $299, which is definitely a very attractive price point for all users. Especially the first and last glasses from Ray-Ban, so it's a bit stylish.

Facebook glasses are traditionally shaped. They use the same design as the Rey-Ban wayfarer and weigh just 49.3 grams, just 5 grams more than traditional roadfarers.

The only difference is the length of the temple. Here they are a little longer than traditional glasses. This should of course provide space to accommodate the sensors needed to produce the glasses.

Specifications and Functions

The main body of the glasses, specifically the chassis, provides access to the power button and shutter release. There are also two small speakers for listening to music and a touch area. The glasses are based on two 5MP cameras and an LED indicator that lights up when the camera is working so others know that the user is taking a photo or video.

In addition, the glasses have three microphones that can be used to take pictures while recording video. Simply press and hold the shutter button to take a picture through the glasses. Quickly press the same button to record a short 30-second video.

The shooting function can be controlled with voice commands. Users can start training after saying "Hey, Facebook". The video quality is acceptable and the image resolution is 2,592 * 1,944. All photos and videos are uploaded to the Facebook app and can be viewed there.

Via the app, the user can share the content directly on his Facebook and Instagram account or upload it to the phone gallery by himself and then use it on any other platform.

As for the battery for the glasses, it is still very good. As described by Ray-Ban and Facebook, it can be used "modestly" for up to six hours. This includes playing music for an hour, taking ten photos and ten videos, and uploading them to the app. And a phone call for half an hour. The glasses are shipped in their own box.

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