Facebook has banned Instagram for kids
Facebook has banned Instagram for kids

Facebook said Instagram has paused development of Instagram Kids, a version of the photo-sharing app for children under the age of 13.

He said he will continue to work to provide a parental control experience for younger users. In a blog post and an accompanying series of tweets, Adam Mosseri accused the media and critics of misunderstanding the purpose of the app.

Books: Not for young children, but for teenagers (10-12 years old). He added in another tweet that information about the project was leaked before we knew what the project was. People fear the worst. At the time we had almost no answers. Of course, we have to invest more time for this.

Development of the app was put on hold after the Wall Street Journal published a series of negative reports on Facebook last week. These reports include a story revealing how internal Instagram research found that the app made girls' physical problems worse.

The social media company said the reports misrepresented the company's research. However, he has so far refused to share his data directly for analysis by critics and supporters.

Mosseri noted in a blog post that the WSJ report raises many questions and says that this review has led the platform to put in place several anti-harassment features and investigate what features could affect it. Application interruption.

Facebook's decision came after much criticism

The part of the magazine report that Mosseri rejected also included researchers from the company, who themselves noted that users are often addicted to the app.

Many groups have strongly criticized the development of a version of the Instagram platform for young users. Facebook responded to this review by saying that young people are very active online and it is best to facilitate their experience. The company also said that it will not display advertisements about the new app. However, critics did not believe it.

Mosseri noted on Twitter that critics may think halting the platform's development of children's apps is a concession because the project is a bad idea. But that's not true, he adds: I have to believe that parents prefer to supervise their children with the age-appropriate version of Instagram. But I'm not here to belittle your concerns. We have to do it right.

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