Microsoft talks about the failed Tik Tok deal
Microsoft talks about the failed Tik Tok deal

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the company's acquisition of the social media app Tik Tok last year was the strangest thing it had ever done.

Due to national security concerns about collecting data on US users, US President Donald Trump has asked the platform to separate its US version from Chinese parent company Bytedance.

Microsoft began negotiations for the planned acquisition in August 2020. But the deal failed in September.

Trump's removal from office was completed with his resignation in January, and the potential takeover of TikTok continues.

At the Code conference in Beverly Hills, Calif., Nadella said he's eager to bring Microsoft's security, child safety, and cloud expertise to TikTok.

Nadella added that he learned a lot from this experience. The first thing that came to us was Tik Tok. We did not go to Tik Tok. The company is looking for partners from the United States to help solve these security issues that we seem to have heard about.

"This platform is sandwiched between a lot of things that happen in the two capitals," Nadella continued. President Trump has some views on the goals he is trying to achieve there. The US government had certain requirements, and then they disappeared.

Trump urges Microsoft to take over Tik Tok

Nadella said that Zhang Yiming, CEO of ByteDance, attracted Microsoft because of a review of the US company's content and child safety services developed through products embedded in video game tools on the platform - from Xbox and the commercial social network LinkedIn. .

Nadella said he's not sure the United States is still pushing for President Joe Biden's deal. The Biden government has said it is considering national security issues.

He also expressed his support for stronger government regulation of cryptocurrency rules. This can stifle ransomware attacks because ransom money often passes through opaque systems.

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