Facebook warns against reporting iOS ad results
Facebook warns against reporting iOS ad results

Facebook said it will not publish the results of its ads to Apple iOS devices, acknowledging that recent privacy changes by iPhone manufacturers have made cross-platform advertising more expensive and difficult for brands.

In a blog post, the company said it did not fully report online conversion rates, an industry term that includes purchases of products or other promotions that people insert after viewing ads, of 15%, and added that this number is due to ads. . It varies from client to client.

The social media giant believes that actual online conversion rates such as app sales and downloads are higher than many advertisers have reported.

The announcement comes as Facebook and the digital advertising industry in general continues to fight privacy controls Apple put in place in April to prevent digital advertisers from tracking iPhones for promotional purposes without iPhone users' consent.

The social media company resisted the changes because it believed they could harm small businesses that rely on targeted advertising to find new customers.

The company previously warned investors that Apple's changes could have a greater impact on its advertising business. The third chapter compared to the second trimester.

Facebook assumes that the actual conversion rate is higher than the reported conversion rate

At the same time, the company recommended several steps that advertisers can take to better understand the effectiveness of their ads. This includes waiting longer for the data to be analyzed to calculate lags and looking at using other measurement tools.

Many advertisers complained that the impact on advertising investment was greater than expected. In addition to increasing the cost of generating business results.

Measuring activity across all platforms has also become difficult. This is due to sometimes insufficient reporting from Facebook.

The company said it is investing in new tools and features to help brands reach the market as Apple advances. This includes accelerating investments in gap reports before the holidays.

The company added, "We are optimistic because we have worked hard for many years to develop new privacy-improving technologies to reduce the amount of personal information we process. At the same time, we enable us to serve personalized ads and measure their effectiveness."

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