Galaxy Z Flip 3 falls somewhere between fashion and outstanding performance
Galaxy Z Flip 3 falls somewhere between fashion and outstanding performance

Samsung took a different path in 2021. It abandoned the flagship Galaxy Note series, which is one of the most important mobile series of all time. This is due to his keen interest in foldable phones, especially the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is perhaps the strangest model. Because it is an ordinary flagship phone in all respects, but it has only one function, that is, it folds into a square. Once folded, it is only useful or effective on its small screen.

Samsung has started marketing its phones in strange ways. I started to get an interesting idea about cell phones. It is a stylish analog phone with elegance and modernity that the competitors do not have. In fact, I posted the entire ad based on this idea.

There is no doubt that all of Samsung's commercials focus on this premium phone's design, especially when it's folded. And because of its small size, it can fit in any small pocket. In addition to controlling the basic parameters via the small rear window.

All companies have similar marketing strategies, but Samsung has come a long way. It tries to make the Galaxy Z Flip 3 more beautiful and easier than any other phone, despite it being a flagship.

Fashion and Galaxy Z Flip 3

The smartphone market is going through a similar phase as the fashion market. With new product lines and products appearing at certain times of the year. In addition, people who are interested in these two markets tend to buy more expensive and modern products.

Some experts believe that it is dangerous for the smartphone market to move to a market based on fashion and appearance rather than performance. Because smartphones compete with each other in terms of performance and technical equipment. But now the competition can revolve around looks.

There have always been technological differences between expensive cell phones and cheap cell phones. But in the future, these differences may appear in design and appearance more than in specifications and performance.

Apple has played an important role in the shape and design of mobile phones and their relationship to fashion in recent years. There is no doubt that many users buy iPhones to reflect their distinctive image. However, like Samsung, Apple has not radically changed the design of its phones.

Not everyone agrees with the design beauty of the Z Flip 3, but the design features themselves may appeal to users. This is mainly because Samsung has greatly improved the reliability and lifespan of mobile phones. In addition, it can reflect the image of multiple owners, including elegance, adventure and even technical know-how.

Moreover, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is still very good in terms of specifications and performance. It is no different from other major Android phones like the recently released Galaxy S21. It features a high refresh rate, the latest processor and a single screen. It all depends on the price of the Galaxy S21 Plus.

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