Meet DTube a decentralized platform that can rival YouTube
Meet DTube a decentralized platform that can rival YouTube

Visual content visualization platforms have changed the way the Internet looks. Since it has become the primary means of entertainment for a large number of users, it may have become apparent during the period of home isolation. YouTube is one of the most important viewing platforms of all time, not least because it's free.

Although YouTube has been very successful, not least because it is owned by Google, it is a competitive platform and this is probably the main reason for the emergence of the new DTube platform that offers a different concept.

YouTube is a centralized platform that traditionally uploads clips directly to its servers. After that, any user can access these clips by browsing the platform. There is no doubt that many users have encountered problems with YouTube as a central platform.

As a centralized platform, users cannot control their clips after uploading them to YouTube. YouTube is also responsible for the video monetization and monetization process.

On the other hand, the platform offers certain algorithms to filter content to other users. However, some content creators believe that these algorithms are unfair to them.

What is DTube and can it compete with YouTube?

Most users don't care about the centrality of YouTube or its guidelines. It is the most successful and dynamic platform in history. However, YouTube's problems led to the creation of the video sharing platform It is based on blockchain technology and there is no centralization.

The platform makes money by relying on cryptocurrency instead of ads. The platform also does not offer custom algorithms like its Google counterpart.

All clips are stored on the blockchain. In other words, DTube does not have a central server at all. Processing is verified by blockchain technology, just as with digital currency. This makes it impossible to manipulate these clips.

The above just means that it is difficult to remove content from the DTube platform. The service is also very secure, a feature that can be found in all blockchain-based services.

The platform is based on its digital currency $DTC, short for DTube Coin. The platform does not have to rely on advertisements; Users vote themselves to give the video value and meaning, then the successful video gets the digital currency.

This service is generally not under the control of any leading technology company (eg Google, Facebook, or Apple). Or it can be considered a platform or a startup.

Nobody can predict the success or failure of this new platform because it is still in its infancy. However, it was a huge success and spread among users, and its global site ranking only reached 30 thousand.

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