Google adds a visual search function to shopping
Google adds a visual search function to shopping

Google has announced a new shopping search tool with features including the use of Google Lens to find products to buy online based on images, broader search terms to search for clothes, and the ability to view inventory in your home store.

She says the new tools can help shoppers find what they're looking for in more meaningful ways. Previously, last year, the company allowed all businesses to post to Google Shopping for free. Now she wants to do more online shopping straight from her research.

Google Lens was released in 2017 and replaced the previous Google Goggles. It can use the smartphone camera to perform visual searches based on recognition of objects in the real world.

This image search allows users to learn more about things around them and even find the same or similar items to buy without searching for stickers or barcodes.

And the company now wants to be able to buy any product you see in photos or videos online - just the photos themselves.

IOS users will soon get a new dedicated button on the Google app that will allow Google Lens to search for any image on a page to display a Google shopping list and purchase via visual matching. This feature can also be used through the Google Chrome browser on a computer.

The company has not given a specific release date for the feature on iOS or the desktop and hopes to launch it before the end of the year.

There is no first mention of whether or not this feature will appear on Android. However, the company made it clear that it plans to extend this feature to Android after the iOS and desktop versions.

Google adds a new search tool for home shopping

Driven by the boom in e-commerce since the beginning of the pandemic, another shopping-focused function is to easily search for clothes, accessories, and shoes in search results based on popular terms.

For example, if you search for jackets on your phone, you'll see visual information about those garments in different colors and designs, the company said.

These visual results are accompanied by videos, style guides, or local stores linked to these styles. You can filter your search by brand, style or department and see ratings and reviews or compare prices in the results.

Google calls it online shopping and it is one of the challenges of shopping clothes online. On the other hand, go to a physical store to see what deals are available.

He claims the dataset is from more than 24 billion product listings. The new functions can be used via mobile phones and directly via Google search.

The third update of Google Shopping allows users to check the inventory of a remote store directly through Google search.

Buyers searching for products can filter on "Available". This selection should show nearby stores with available items.

The company says the new features can help small businesses gain new customers. Google said it relies on data from retailers to determine the status of inventory. She said that when confidence is high it indicates a certain item is in stock.

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