Google: Android 12 in a few weeks
Google: Android 12 in a few weeks

Google has released the fifth and final beta version of Android 12, adding that the official release of the full Android 12 operating system is only a few weeks left.

The new beta is also the first version that Pixel 5A users can install.

People who are using the beta version probably won't notice much difference as their goal is to prepare developers for the next official release of Android 12 rather than adding new features.

However, for those with the latest Google phones, the chance now is to see this version before the official release - and there are no major risks because the beta has entered the platform release phase.

The Pixel 5A was launched in late August and the beta version has yet to be officially released.

Although this phone is sold in limited quantities and in the US and Japan, anyone who owns it can now try out the new Android version before the official release.

For this particular version, this experience can be helpful. Android 12 is a massive UI overhaul (at least on Pixel devices), with a new theme system, new widget system, and different locations for smart home controls and Google Pay.

Although the official release of the operating system is imminent. However, the time it takes to install it depends on your phone manufacturer.

Google: Android 12 in a few weeks

Some of the notable additions are the tech clock widget, the redesigned calculator, and new keyboard shortcuts for the lock screen.

The Watch app has also made some tweaks with an updated design, new animations, and colors to match your phone's theme.

It also brings a new custom design language from Google called Material You to the calculator app with soft colors.

And the lock screen has a new shortcut to control the device. It allows you to control smart home devices simply by waking up your phone screen and clicking a button.

Device controls have been moved from the Android 11 launcher menu to the quick settings drawer. But you can now use the controls in a different and more convenient place. This button contains the Google Wallet shortcut that appeared on the lock screen in the second beta.

Pixel owners who are running the beta version can now access the new and improved search bar.

No matter what you enter, the corresponding settings and contacts as well as apps and Google results the column brings are displayed in the column.

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