Sony wants to promote PlayStation Studios
Sony wants to promote PlayStation Studios

Sony is aggressively developing PlayStation Studios and has announced its acquisition of British studio Firesprite, developer of games The Playroom and The Playroom VR.

Firesprite became the company's 14th studio. This acquisition is the third in the company's recent acquisition series.

Sony acquired developer Returnal Housemarque in June and Dutch studio Nixxes in July.

Other PlayStation studios include big names such as developers Ratchet & Clank, Insomniac Games, Horizon Zero Dawn Guerrilla Games, and The Last of Us Naughty Dog.

“Firesprite is an innovative and ambitious studio that has done an amazing job creating amazing experiences that truly showcase the capabilities of our devices,” wrote Hermann Holst, Director of PlayStation Studio.

"The team's technical and creative skills are essential to add to our impressive list of exclusive games and I think fans are excited about their creative vision for the future."

As part of the deal, several developers are returning to the Japanese company. Holst noted that many members of Firesprite, including the entire founding team, are from studio Wipeout. Sony acquired this studio in 1993 under the name Psygnosis. But in 2012 it was closed.

Sony wants to promote PlayStation Studios

Since the founding of Firesprite in the same year, this Japanese company and Firesprite have been collaborating in one way or another. Firssprite worked with the Asobi team to develop The Playroom, a series of augmented reality mini-games released in 2013 that were designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the PlayStation Camera.

Persistence is the latest game from Firssprite. It's a horror game that landed on consoles and PC after debuting on PlayStation VR last year.

The Firesprite team is working on new things. But we don't know what it is. Unlike the mobile game The Playroom, Vita and Run Sackboy! Run! All studio games have a virtual reality page.

Watch comments by Holst and the Japanese company developing a second generation PS VR headset. It's no surprise that the upcoming Fireesprite game is targeting this platform.

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