Google Android Auto gives a new look
Google Android Auto gives a new look

Google has announced some updates to the Android Auto platform, including a new dashboard for Google Assistant driving mode.

Earlier this year, the company discontinued the standalone Android Auto app for Android 12 phone screens.

Instead, Android phone users are now advised to use the Google Assistant driving mode available in Google Maps or the native Android Auto user interface available in certain cars.

For older Android car customers who use mobile phones for navigation and other functions, the Google Assistant's driving mode now includes clickable maps, and music, text messages, and other commonly used apps are grouped in the same place.

Customers can use voice commands to open the new driving mode dashboard, reducing the need to use the phone.

The company said the goal is to make sure drivers focus on the road, not their phones. The driver can also receive text messages that have been read aloud using voice control.

Android Auto also has a new update that mirrors your smartphone screen on your car's infotainment screen.

The driver can decide which apps to check when the phone is connected to the car for the first time or when connected via Bluetooth. It also helps reduce driver distraction.

Distraction is a big problem for drivers, especially as the infotainment system has become more sophisticated.

A recent study found that drivers who use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to select music are slower to respond.

The company has been working hard to solve this problem for several years. But he hasn't found a definitive solution yet.

Google wants to be the least distraction for your car in the future

When the vehicle is safely parked, Android Auto customers can play the game in GameSnacks directly on the vehicle screen.

GameSnacks is an HTML5-based browser game series from Google that can be easily downloaded and played on almost any device.

The company has announced that Android Auto users will soon be able to use Google Pay to pay for fuel. After entering the gas station, the driver has to enter the gas station number on the screen and the rest is passed to Google Pay.

Automakers have been developing advanced options for their cars for years. For example, Chevrolet and Shell have reached an agreement that allows drivers to pay for fuel through the car's infotainment screen. But this feature is not yet common.

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