Twitter allows tipping in Bitcoin
Twitter allows tipping in Bitcoin

Twitter has announced that it will now allow users to use bitcoins to pay their favorite social media creators, making it the first major social network to promote the use of cryptocurrency as a payment method.

The company introduced tipping as a test feature in May to help content creators receive payments from their fans for content they post on the platform.

The company announced that its rewards feature will be available to all iOS users around the world this week and to Android users in the coming weeks.

Previously, users could use more traditional payment services (such as Square's Cash app and PayPal's Venmo) to tip with fiat currency.

The Bitcoin cheat is provided by Strike, a Bitcoin wallet app based on the Lightning Network protocol.

The Lightning Network protocol was developed to enable faster and cheaper transactions with Bitcoin. Blockstream, the developer of the protocol, has received funding from the CEO of Twitter.

Jack Dorsey tweeted in June that it was only a matter of time before the platform supported pushing the agreement.

The company also allows users to add their own encrypted wallet addresses to send and receive these crypto requests.

The platform does not charge any commission on payments sent via its tip function.

Given that CEO Jack Dorsey is one of the staunch supporters of the cryptocurrency, it comes as no surprise that Bitcoin is embedded in Twitter's notification feature.

Over the past few months, Dorsey has said on Twitter that he has been trying to engage in bitcoin mining activities. He said that he believes that there is nothing more important than Bitcoin. He even said that he hopes Bitcoin will bring peace to the world.

Twitter plans to allow users to authenticate using NFT. to enable

In addition, the platform is also piloting a feature that allows users to review and view aggregated NFT digital assets or non-fungible tokens through social media.

Therefore, the NFT authentication appears in the account image as a badge to determine that the owner's NFT is authentic.

The company did not provide many details or details about this blockchain project. But she said it's another way to support creators who do digital art.

The platform also announced its intention to create a creation box for users who host rooms. It's a way to stimulate more live audio events.

The company launched Spaces last year. This is a feature that users in a virtual room can listen to and chat with others with just audio.

The company hopes that the upcoming fund will inspire more users to host live audio events on the platform.

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