Google Chrome makes it easy to navigate search results
Google Chrome makes it easy to navigate search results

Google has announced three new experiences in the latest beta version of the Google Chrome browser that will make it easier to find content and share text on the web.

And if you want to switch to the beta browser to experience these features, you need to download it from the link below for your computer or from the link below for your Android device.

As with all beta versions, be careful because things may not work perfectly.

The new Android browser experience allows you to display specific search results below the address bar after browsing a page. Try to make it easier to navigate from one search result to another.

While you can't see the full URL in this additional bar, it appears to be a useful way to switch to another website without returning the full search results.

You can try this experiment by opening the #continuous search flag on chrome://flags.

Another feature of this test allows you to create simplified text images on websites that are useful in compiling texts for sharing with friends or on social networks.

If you open the #webnotes-stylize tag in chrome://flags, this feature will be available on Android smartphones and tablets.

Another new feature is adding cards to the new tab page. As long as these sites are connected to your browser, you can easily go back to previously visited sites.

Google Chrome makes it easy to navigate search results

In a blog post, the company provided examples of cards used for recipe pages, shopping carts, or Google Drive documents.

Google said: Cards can easily access past activities or tasks. For example, planning a meal, buying a gift, or working on a document in Google Drive.

If you want to try it out. Activate #ntp-recipe-features-module-tag, #ntp-drive-module-tag, or #ntp-chrome-cart-module-tag in chrome://flags on PC.

Since these are experiments, it is always possible that not all bugs are fixed. Google could decide not to take it out of the testing phase.

But this could be a preview of upcoming features. If you want to try it early, you can use the beta version of Google Chrome.

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