Google offers security support for older phones through Play Services
Google offers security support for older phones through Play Services

By default, all Android phones can use Google Play Services. This application is regularly updated in the system. As the name suggests, this app plays an important role in the functioning of the Google Play Store.

In addition, this application provides great advantages at the general system level. This has been shown in the past few days. Since Google relies on this application, one of the most important security functions is provided for all Android phones.

New security features in Android 11 allow you to revoke permissions if users have not used apps for a long time. And based on Google Play Services, this feature will be rolled out to all Android phones starting from Android 6 onwards.

There is no doubt that Google has done a very good job. Since this function is very important, every smartphone should support it. This is due to the extreme strength of the app in terms of security and privacy.

Charmaine de Silva, project manager at Google, said app permissions are a risk on any Android phone. Especially the apps that are not used very often. Once the app is downloaded, the user accepts the permissions. The application must maintain its performance and be able to use it permanently.

Latest update from Google

Currently, the large storage space of smartphones has affected the genesis of this problem. In fact, users can download a large number of applications. In addition, most of them forget to delete them after using these apps.

As mentioned earlier, new security features that users can access through Google Play Services allow you to automatically revoke these permissions if you haven't used the app for an extended period of time.

The new security function will be triggered automatically, as any application that has not been used within 39 days will automatically lose all functionality and the user will be notified if he wants to ignore it.

The power of Google Play Services

This move by Google shows us the powerful capabilities of Google Play Services and the consistency of Android across all versions. It has become an integrated platform and not just an application that provides additional services and functions to the system.

Due to the constant updating of this app and its availability in all the different versions of Android phones, Google has succeeded in bringing the security features to all the old phones by simply updating this app.

On the other hand, platforms like Google Play Services increase Google's control over the different versions of Android. There is no doubt that at some point society may use this power to no avail. But its current situation is not much different from that of Apple.

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