C by GE 80-inch Smart LED Light Strip + Power Supply
C by GE 80-inch Smart LED Light Strip + Power Supply

C by GE 93128989 Direct Connect LED Bulb with Color (80 inch Smart LED Bulb with Light + Power), Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Compatible, Google Home + Alexa Compatible, Without Hub, 1 Pack (Package May Vary)

C by GE Direct Connect smart color LED strips create the perfect ambiance in every room. Add this light strip under a headboard, TV, or piece of furniture to lift the mood and change the ambiance of a room in seconds. The adjustable white spectrum supports the wake/sleep cycle and creates the perfect scene for resting or waking up. Gain confidence by regulating your lights so you'll never return to a dark house again. With the help of voice control and the ability to control the outdoor lighting, you can control the lighting more easily while on vacation or in a hurry.

  •  Alexa Compatible LED Lights: Connect these voice-controlled smart light strips directly to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa (sold separately). These Alexa LED lights with voice control help you create a smart home.
  • Embedded RGB Lighting Strip: Connect this RGB LED light strip directly to your Wi-Fi router and provide voice control for your C by GE lighting strip via the voice assistant (sold separately) and you can control it outside the home. No hub or bridge needed.
  • Manage RGB LED Strips Outside Your Home: By using the Cync Mobile app to control your LED strips, you will bring more security and comfort into your home. With these LED lights, you will never go back to the dark house and will not spoil your comfort in bed.
  • LED Bedroom Lighting Strips: Millions of colors can customize its space to suit kids' interests, create a higher level of movie nights, and support your team on play days. You can also set the LED strip to any white between warm and cool colors.
  • LED Light Strips EASY TO INSTALL: These LED light strips can be bent into corners and attached to the surface with adhesive tape, making your home a smart home. The smart LED light strip can be cut to the desired length and attached to the extension.

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