Google search engine focused on context
Google search engine focused on context

Google search engine is one of the most important technology products of all time. There is no doubt that this is one of the company's main products. It is also constantly striving to improve, develop and increase its intelligence.

The company revealed significant improvements that affected search engines. This is part of the recent "Look In" event. It also includes significant improvements to the machine learning model used in the engine known as the Unified Model of Multitasking (MUM).

Search engines will begin to provide more information and more detailed answers to questions that users type into the search box. By relying on context more than on the word itself. Based on machine learning technology, search engines learn topics related to the main topics that users are searching for.

Search engines display related topics in a new field that appears in search results titled "What to Learn". In addition, the results will include a section for videos, and the updates themselves will also include searches for purchases and products.

In addition, Google attaches great importance to the image search function. In fact, it's starting to integrate Google Lens tools into more places like the main Google app on all platforms and in all browsers. In addition, the search results will be more accurate based on the new MUM model.

Google search engine focused on context

AI technology plays an important role in the new update. Given the progress that the American giant has made in this field, this is normal. In addition, the main goal is to get the most accurate search results possible.

Speaking of Google Lens technology, it can now identify more items. This includes unfamiliar components of common products and equipment, such as B. Bike components that can be recognized when the camera is pointed at them. Therefore, in this case, so that users can provide the names of the damaged parts so that they can buy spare parts for them.

Google has shown great interest in getting people to trust Google Lens and especially public visual search. In addition, search results have changed a lot and rely more on providing information and images than on links to other sites and pages. However, it can pose risks to other websites that provide useful content.

Overall, the company's AI model is smarter than ever. This includes their ability to understand the content and then provide a summary of the content when researching. In addition, she can now understand the content of the video.

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