Google uses artificial intelligence in search results
Google uses artificial intelligence in search results

Google has made efforts to improve its search engine, which is not just a way to connect users to websites that offer content. Answer user questions faster.

Pandu Nayak, Vice President of Google Search, gave an example like “Can you buy someone a drug at a pharmacy?” This question is a challenge to the Google search engine because it is incomprehensible.

Hence, searchers searching for this term will get results from one of the sites that has given the answer to this question. But now search engines are getting smarter and smarter. Because he can understand such questions and give answers.

The key, Nayak explained, lies in artificial intelligence. After Google integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning models into the engine, search engines have long been able to answer these questions. Additionally, most of the credit goes to natural language comprehension systems such as GPT-3.

In 2021, Google will update its engine again. However, this time it is based on a new generation of artificial intelligence and a machine learning system called MUM. Google first announced this model in May last year, and it can be said that this model is a thousand times the size of the previous generation of BERT.

Google uses artificial intelligence in search results

The new MUM model consists of 175 billion parameters, which is a measure of the size and complexity of an AI model. In addition, the model can understand more than 75 languages ​​after training. It can also avoid racist or sexist content. But don't forget that Google fired two of its key employees for publishing a research paper on discrimination and prejudice against this technology.

In addition, Google also introduces additional updates to search engines, for example a new search field called Things to Know, which provides users with content about the content they are looking for in order to get more information. Besides focusing on using Google Lens for visual search, all of these technologies will undoubtedly benefit from artificial intelligence.

Search engine behavior will change to provide the best user experience. For example, if you search for "acrylic charts," the engine may display different techniques for this type of chart or display different types of charts. It will depend on artificial intelligence.

In addition, the company introduced a new feature based on the MUM model, which is the ability to understand video content. Because search engines will be able to provide search results for videos that are relevant to the search content, but based on an understanding of the clips rather than just their titles.

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