Google updates its app to support iOS 15 features
Google updates its app to support iOS 15 features

With iOS 15 now available for download, developers big and small have started updating their apps to take advantage of the operating system's great features.

Among the developers is Google, which details the iOS 15-related improvements that you can get from their app.

The biggest changes affect the way Gmail, Meet, Tasks, Maps, Home, and many other Google apps handle notifications.

If you get constant notifications all day, enjoy putting a new focus on iOS.

Focus mode is very useful when you are trying to leave a job or study or need a digital break. The company has also updated its app to focus on work and deliver relevant notifications as quickly as possible.

For example, when you use Google Maps to navigate to a location, you will be notified when you need to turn around or change your route (eg closed roads or unexpected traffic). Focus mode does not disable these useful timely reminders.

If an unfamiliar face appears on your doorstep, the Google Home app will notify you as well. If you set a Google Tasks reminder for a specific period, the app will let you know.

However, notifications that are not urgent or do not require immediate action are sent directly to the notification center and you can review them any time you want.

Over the next few weeks, you'll find that these new notification changes are rolling out in Gmail, Meet, Tasks, Maps, Home, and many other business apps.

Google's updated iOS 15 app supports focus mode

The company introduced iPhone gadgets on the iPad to take advantage of the extra screen space offered by Apple tablets.

Google Photos and YouTube Music will release very large versions of the tools in the coming weeks. This way, you can access some of your best memories and favorite music right from your iPad home screen.

The company also uses Spotlight to make it easier to find what you need in Google Drive. Now when you search for your favorite songs in Spotlight, you can play them directly in YouTube Music.

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