iOS 15.1 re-enables SharePlay after delay
iOS 15.1 re-enables SharePlay after delay

The long-awaited SharePlay feature is back in the first beta of iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1 for developers. Previously, Apple had postponed the release of iOS 15 System to the fall rather than releasing it with the operating system upgrade as planned.

This indicates that Apple plans to release SharePlay to the public later this fall as part of iOS 15.1.

However, it is not the only feature that has yet to launch. But it can be useful during epidemics. It allows you to watch videos, share screens, or listen to music with others through FaceTime calls.

Its presence in the new beta shows that it could happen sooner or later. It is good that this is not a certainty.

Information shows that Beta 15.1 will also allow users to add the coronavirus vaccination card to the Wallet app and add it to Health.

Just like this feature works in the Google version, you need to get information about vaccines from your doctor or healthcare system before you can add them to your phone.

According to Apple, the feature uses the SMART Health Card format, which is currently supported by some states and major vaccination providers.

The list includes states like California, Hawaii, New York and Louisiana, as well as drugstore companies like CVS, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart.

SharePlay can be bundled with iOS 15.1

These features that appeared in the iOS 15.1 beta do not necessarily mean that they can appear in the latest version of iOS 15.1.

This feature was added to the second beta of iOS 15 in June. The company pulled it from the iOS 15 beta in August, but Apple said SharePlay will hit the market later this fall.

According to the company, the vaccination card functionality has already been included in an upcoming software update. So it might be more than that.

Since iOS 15 has just been released (iOS 14.1 will be released a month after iOS 14 release), iOS 15.1 release may take some time. However, if there is any sign of this first beta, it may bring some new features when it is released.

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