GoPro launches Hero 10 Black action camera
GoPro launches Hero 10 Black action camera

GoPro has announced the next version of its sports camera that uses a new processor that enables the camera to record at a higher frame rate, achieve better stabilization, and automatically upload videos to the cloud as they are uploaded.

The new processor also makes using the Hero 10 Black faster and more responsive. In many cases, the Hero 10 Black's camera can shoot at twice the frame rate of the Hero 9.

It can now record in 5.3K at 60fps and offers a higher frame rate and a slight increase in resolution.

It can also record 4K photos at 120 frames per second and 2.7 thousand photos at 240 frames per second. According to GoPro, this performance increase is due to the new GP2 camera processor. The successor to the GP1 chip, which has been used in cameras since the Hero 6 Black.

Since the company's competitors are coming from the smartphone market, companies like Google and Apple are taking the same approach, and it's a natural strategy for the company to continue adding chipsets to its cameras.

The GP2 also makes the Hero 10 Black feel like a mobile phone in many ways, from the responsive touch screen to video processing to improved noise reduction.

It can be said that one of the smartphone-like features of this camera is the ability to download videos from the cloud while charging.

However, this requires a GoPro subscription of $5 per month or $50 per year. The subscription also gives you a $100 discount on the price of the camera, which lowers the price from $499 to $399, and also includes access to the damaged GoPro camera exchange software.

GoPro announces the next version of its sports camera

However, the price is an increase in the cost of GoPro cameras, with the Hero 9 released at $450 without a subscription, while the Hero 8 was released at $399.

For those who don't want to subscribe, it's also easier to move the lens from the camera to the smartphone. The company said the new chip increased the wireless transmission speed of its applications by 30%. There is also a new way to transport materials using cables.

The new camera has also seen some minor tweaks to make it more attractive. Just like the horizon leveling feature, it tries to keep the horizon in a straight line. Compared to 27 degrees on the Hero 9, this feature allows for a 45-degree camera tilt.

Enhanced level adjustment is not available with the highest resolution and frame rate of the camera. It is limited to 4K at 60 fps and 2.7K or 1080 at 120 fps.

Still images captured by the camera also have a higher resolution from 20MP to 23MP. It works best in low light. When recording at 5K and 5.3K at 60 fps in 4:3 camera mode, the 19.6 MP still image is extracted from the video.

This improved low-light recording is also suitable for video and 3D noise reduction is applied.

GoPro also said that a new generation of HyperSmooth stabilizer can be used during live broadcasts. If you have a Hero 9 and buy plugins, the company says most of them should be compatible.

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