FASTSNAIL Xbox Series S Cooling Fan and Stand
FASTSNAIL Xbox Series S Cooling Fan and Stand

Xbox Series S-FASTSNAIL Dual High Speed ​​Cooling Fan and Bracket with 3 Adjustable Speeds and 2 USB Hubs for Charging and Data Sync, 2 Ways to Install for Xbox Series S Controller

The power button will help you to turn it on / off as needed, as well as the cooling system of the Xbox series.

The Type-C power connector is on the side, simply connect the power supply to the USB controller using the included power cord.

The two extended USB ports can power the Xbox Series game console charger and one of them can be used as a data transfer interface, for example to connect game consoles or memory cards.

It perfectly matches the style and performance of the Xbox series consoles and looks just like it.

Easy to install, no screws or adhesives required. Simply place the console on top of the fan and hold it upright.

  •  Support and Heat Dissipation: Using cooling fans specially designed for Xbox Series S consoles, the two vertical cooling fans on the console allow better heat dissipation performance, no overheating and longer life. (Does not apply to Xbox One.)
  • Adjustable Speed: The dual high-speed fan (4000RPM) can be adjusted to 3 levels by a switch button, which improves cooling efficiency and is environmentally friendly. The three LED colors indicate different fan speeds, which is useful for adjusting the fan speed as you like. Red - high speed, orange - medium speed, green - low speed and no light means stop. The smart memory function memorizes the fan speed range so you don't have to adjust it again the next time you use it.
  • Two ways to install: It can be placed at the bottom or top of the console to cool the Xbox series console. The fan installed at the top can accelerate the discharge of warm air into the room, and the fan installed at the bottom can accelerate the flow of air.
  • Powered USB and USB-C Ports: There are two USB ports for connecting mice, keyboards, and other USB devices. One is for charging and the other one can be used to sync and charge data (as shown in the picture). A USB Type C cable is included to connect the console to the power source.
  • Package Included: 1 x Xbox S-Series Dual Purpose Fan, 2 x Vertical Bracket, 1 x Type-C Power Cord, 1 x User Manual. For every purchase, we offer 24/7 customer service, 30-day no-order returns, and 1 year customer service. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to satisfy you.

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