iOS 15 provides clinicians with a window to view data from health app
iOS 15 provides clinicians with a window to view data from health app

With the release of iOS 15, some iPhone users will have the ability to share data in health apps directly with their doctors through their electronic medical records.

Six health insurance companies participate in the initial application. Some of these companies have reported that doctors and medical offices are keen to use this feature in their systems.

People with this option can use the new Share feature in the Health app to enable their doctors to view data such as heart rate and exercise time collected through the Health app.

This can help clinicians closely monitor indicators that may be relevant to a patient's health without the patient having to take the extra step of manually exchanging information.

One of the companies involved is Cerner, an electronic health records company that controls about a quarter of the market.

The company's vice president of interoperability said, "Any healthcare organization that uses Cerner's data sets now must balance the time it spends implementing new tools with the time it spends implementing new tools.

"We are interested in this role," he added. Once our customer organization sees and understands the demo, the question usually revolves around how quickly they can implement the demo.

Some health groups that use EHRs through Allscripts (which is also part of the release) use this feature as part of the testing phase. May be used on a select few patients.

IOS 15 users share health data with doctors

Allscripts says that doctors generally recommend certain brands of blood pressure monitors to patients who want to monitor their blood pressure monitors between visits. This device is synced with the Health app. So when the patient decides to share the data. Doctors can track these blood pressure readings directly without relying on patients to divide them manually.

Data provided by wearable devices and other health applications can be within easy reach. The doctor said they are concerned about the increase in information.

The layout of the Apple Health Records dashboard can help relieve pressure on the flow of information.

The default settings provide an overview of trends in the Patient Health app. The doctor may choose to show more detailed information. But it is not mandatory.

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