Thanks to Nvidia Windows 11 provides excellent gaming support
Thanks to Nvidia Windows 11 provides excellent gaming support

NVIDIA has announced that the latest GeForce Game Ready driver will support Deathloop for Windows 11 and other upcoming major games (such as Far Cry 6). It also notes that it has already introduced DLSS in over 100 games. crossed.

In addition to support for Deathloop for Windows 11, the new beta now covers several notable games, including Diablo II: Resurrection (released September 23), Alan Wake Remastered (released October 5 October 7), and Far Cry 6 (released October 7 in October). 7).

Other games that have been improved in the new driver for Windows 11 are Hot Wheels Unleashed, Industria, New World and World War Z: Aftermath.

According to NVIDIA's own tests, both Industria and Alan Wake Remastered use DLSS to double 4K performance.

Windows 11 supports DLSS for over 100 games

The company noted that any of the GeForce RTX graphics cards can easily exceed 60fps in 4K and maximize graphics settings in Alan Wake Remastered.

Speaking of DLSS, Nvidia also announced that it has added frame rate support for 28 additional games, which means that there are now over 100 games that use DLSS.

Nvidia Reflex is coming to Deathloop later this month. The same goes for Splitgate (online multiplayer shooter).

Latency for both games is reduced by up to 50%. This means that when you hit the mouse button to shoot, that action is shifted to make it happen faster in the game, and as we all know, milliseconds make the difference between life and death in shooting games.

More and more games are now supported by DLSS. Given the quality of this frame rate optimization technology, it's worth seeing a huge leap forward in adoption rates. Especially after more than 100 supported icons.

As explained by Nvidia, the driving force behind DLSS acceleration is the Unreal Engine 4 DLSS plugin. The new game now supports technologies based on this engine.

This plugin can bring DLSS to any game faster and easier. Therefore, we can assume that this trend will continue and that more indie game developers will be using the plugin in their games.

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