iPhone 13 mini gets slower MagSafe charging
iPhone 13 mini gets slower MagSafe charging

Apple introduced the new iPhone 13 mini to users, but it has many improvements compared to the iPhone 12 mini.

However, according to the technical support document, this new device shares one limitation with its predecessor in that it is still limited to 12W peak power thanks to MagSafe wireless charging.

This means that like the iPhone 12 mini, the maximum charging speed of MagSafe is slower than other iPhone 13 series products, all of which can be charged at 15W via MagSafe.

Although it may be disappointing to hear that even the smallest iPhone can charge slower through MagSafe. But it can extend battery life and prevent overheating.

And because the height of the iPhone 12 mini‌ and iPhone 13 mini is roughly the same. Not surprisingly, this limitation applies to both devices. But this is the first time Apple has confirmed this.

iPhone connected to MagSafe intelligently handles sliding to avoid overheating. Therefore, even a fully supported model that can be charged at 15W can extend the charging time if it is below this limit. This is to protect the health of the battery as much as possible.

The smaller iPhone model has a smaller battery, which means it uses less power to charge than the larger model. Therefore, charging iPhone 13 mini at 12W via MagSafe might not take longer than charging iPhone 13 at 15W limit.

iPhone 13 mini charges 12W instead of 15W

Apple says the battery life should be 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone 12 mini. As a result, you may not need to charge a new phone very often.

However, the device's battery life is shorter than other iPhone 13 models and it still drains quickly.

The company has made the iPhone Mini's size and usability as small as possible. If you use your phone non-stop all day, the battery of your smaller device probably won't be enough.

Based on official information from Apple in the Chemtrec Hazardous Substances Information and Response product information sheet. The new device has a 9.34 Wh battery, compared to 8.57 Wh for the previous year's cell phone.

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