Amazon develops Echo for wall-mounting
Amazon develops Echo for wall-mounting

Bloomberg cited an internal document report that Amazon is developing wall-mounted Echo TV speakers, as well as updates to automotive technology and wearables.

The company could expand its line of Echo Show smart projectors. There are plans to release an Alexa-controlled Echo device with about a 15-inch screen that can be wall-mounted or placed on a stand.

The report claims that the new device can act as a control panel for smart home devices. It can be placed in the kitchen to display recipes or other useful information.

The company is also planning to build a sound bar with a built-in camera for the TV that will allow users to make video calls over the TV. The same applies to the Facebook portal device.

Other products likely to be in production include the second generation of Echo Auto, which uses a new design and can inductively charge users' devices.

The company was investigating the manufacture of an Alexa karaoke microphone codenamed Jackson. I plan to bring the device to market this year. But the team that developed this product has disintegrated.

In addition to the Halo fitness tracker, which was launched last August, there is a wide range of wearables.

According to Bloomberg, the company is investigating a wearable device for children and another wearable device that can detect falls and other uses for seniors.

Amazon home bots can be out of range. Several reports speculate that the company is developing a voice-activated robot that can move around the house using a built-in camera.

Amazon is developing speakers for TV

Bloomberg reports that Amazon has started testing the first version of the device. However, the robot has raised internal concerns about its viability.

The report comes as the company prepares to announce new equipment at an event on September 28. The company typically hosts face-to-face events at its headquarters in Seattle. But like last year, she is hosting an online event.

According to reports, some equipment may be announced at the event. Others may be delayed or canceled altogether.

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