iPhone users sell more devices than Android users
iPhone users sell more devices than Android users

A new report from CIRP reveals interesting information about what happens to older smartphones. The study includes data on the number of iPhone users who sell or trade their devices compared to owners of Android devices.

According to research, CIRP found that used iPhones are generally in better condition than used Android phones.

For example, on an iPhone that has been in use for 12 months, more than 65% of the screens are in good condition. For Android smartphones, this number has dropped below 60%.

Compared to Apple devices, Android phones have better battery life. Even as the Android phone ages, the battery will still be stable if it is unusable on the iPhone.

23% of iPhone users said their cell phone battery can be used for an entire day without charging it after a year.

Although 30% of Android users cannot leave their smartphone plugged in for an entire day after 12 months.

The report shows that the number of unusable devices is very low after a year.

Most iPhone users switch phones

For iPhone and Android phones, less than 10% of users have jailbroken their phone after a year. Although less than 20% of people have noticed that the battery only lasts a few hours.

CIRP advises that the longer the life of cell phones, the longer it takes to replace cell phones with new ones.

Most abandoned phones are still in good condition, and the screen and battery can be used for an entire day or most of the time.

Many used cell phones are sold, bartered, given to family members or kept for future use.

According to CIRP, less than 10% of iPhone or Android users sell their old phones. Although the vast majority of Android users keep their old smartphones, almost 30% of iPhone users give them away in return.

Apple Inc. pays. Increasingly against their hardware upgrade plans. However, when compared to similar Android phones, stores and other wireless carriers generally pay higher prices for used iPhones.

It is worth noting that the investigation was conducted in the United States. As a result, results may differ in other areas.

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