LG enters the wall-mounted display market
LG enters the wall-mounted display market

LG has launched its latest Direct View LED or DVLED TV series to compete with Samsung's The Wall series.

A model of the LG DVLED TV series that offers a huge screen measuring 325 inches with a resolution of 8K and costs 1.7 million dollars.

The screen weighs more than 900 kilograms and contains millions of LEDs. Previously, the company reserved these monitors for commercial buyers. But now selling to everyone.

The Direct View LED Extreme Home Theater Series is clearly aimed at ultra-luxury homes.

LG DVLED series includes TVs from 81 inches to 325 inches. The DVLED display has been upgraded to provide great brightness and amazing viewing angles, making it suitable for rooms and corridors with a large number of windows and lighting.

DVLED TV screens use from 2 to 33 million individual diodes and consist of a series of screen panels stacked on top of each other. The difference between DVLED technology and LCD monitors or LED TVs is that they do not use a backlight and produce images directly through LEDs. The TV is available in 2K, 4K and 8K resolutions.

The aspect ratio of the LG DVLED TV series is 16:9. However, if users want a larger and more spacious look, it can also be configured with an aspect ratio of up to 32:9.

The higher ratio allows you to watch multiple videos at the same time. Note that there is also a WebOS console for DVLED TVs that you can use to turn them into smart TVs.

The company said: “DVLED is a supercar with home display technology that delivers handcrafted quality and performance and appeals to those who pursue a luxury lifestyle. You not only want to be immersive, but also very unique.”

LG enters the wall-mounted display market

LG's DVLED Extreme home theater technology has a 100,000-hour lifespan before it reaches its half-life, which means it can deliver stunning visuals for more than 10 years.

Similar to Samsung's Wall TV series, the price of LG DVLED TVs varies due to differences in size and installation scenarios.

LG has started taking pre-orders for its DVLED series. All models in the new series have a five-year warranty.

These types of expensive TVs are fundamentally different from standard LED TVs.

These screens don't use LCD layers to create the pixels and use individual LEDs to light them, but only use LEDs (some using smaller MicroLEDs), similar to The Wall series from Samsung and Sony Crystal LED.

Like regular TVs, LG DVLED Home Cinema screens are available in different sizes from 108" to 325" and with resolutions from HD to 8K. Unlike most TVs, it has different resolutions of the same size.

The company claims that the output of most DVLED sizes is around 1,200 lumens. It's just as bright as high-end mini TVs.

DVLED screens are best considered as an alternative to high-end projectors that can produce images of 100 inches or more.

DVLED is of course more expensive. However, unlike a projector, you get a screen bright enough to use in a well-lit room.

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