Microsoft officially launched xCloud on Windows
Microsoft officially launched xCloud on Windows

Microsoft has announced that xCloud (officially known as Xbox Cloud Gaming) and Xbox Remote Play are now available to anyone using the Xbox app on Windows 10 or Windows 11.

These features were introduced as a beta on PC at Xbox Insiders last month. You can be reached by phone for some time. However, it is now officially available on PC.

This gives you another way to play the game, regardless of whether the game is running on your personal gaming platform or on a corporate server.

This is the first time the company has remotely enabled PC gaming for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S platforms. As of 2015, people have been able to stream Xbox One games to PCs.

xCloud appears to be a natural solution for PCs that are unable to play games on their own and has been available on Windows through a web browser for several months. But the service is now available as a local app. It is not limited to the web browser on the computer.

To use it, you'll still need a Bluetooth or USB-connected controller and a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

It's also worth noting that while Xbox Cloud Gaming is available through Windows, it's no longer exclusive to Xbox Insiders. But Microsoft still classifies the service itself as an experimental service.

Microsoft officially launched xCloud on Windows

Xbox Remote Play is also a great addition that you can use to stream games from your Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, or Xbox One to your Windows device.

The company said that this feature can be used remotely via your home network or over the Internet. If the game is running locally on the same network, you may get better performance.

The company has also added some functionality to Xbox Remote Play. The company says that you can now stream games in 1080p at 60 frames per second. You can play some games on Xbox and Xbox 360 as well.

There are currently 294 cloud platform games on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, while there are only 115 on PC. This includes some EA games purchased through an EA Play Bundle membership.

This update represents another step towards Microsoft's goal of bringing cloud gaming to as many devices as possible.

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