Logitech makes meetings easy
Logitech makes meetings easy

Logitech has announced two new devices that focus on remote meetings so that users can join and manage meetings online through some of today's most popular platforms.

Although Logitech Tap IP is a web-based conference room console, Logitech Tap Scheduler is designed as a conference planner for any conference room.

The Logitech Tap IP is equipped with a 10.1-inch screen and the system can be integrated with platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Ring Central.

By connecting to these platforms, users can create or join meetings directly from Logitech Tap IP.

Thanks to the integrated VESA mount, the device can be placed on a table or even on a wall. The PoE cable establishes a network connection to the Logitech Tap IP. It can also be connected via a wireless network. Thanks to the built-in motion sensor, Logitech Tap IP is always available.

Start a meeting with Logitech Tap IP, a touchscreen console for Microsoft Teams rooms for Android, Zoom Rooms and other popular video conferencing services, and a Logitech meeting camera that provides a reliable and consistent room experience.

Logitech focuses on remote face-to-face meetings

Another product called Logitech Tap Scheduler, as the name suggests, can help users manage their meetings in person.

The Logitech Tap Scheduler is ideal for corporate environments as it can be easily wall-mounted to display upcoming and ongoing meetings.

The device can be used with Microsoft Room, Zoom, Robin and Meetio platforms to display detailed information about scheduled events.

Logitech Tap Scheduler makes it easy to view meeting details and book rooms for one-time or future meetings.

It can easily be used as a planning board specifically designed to provide leading space planning solutions and to help employees find and order the right space.

According to the company, the Logitech Tap IP and Logitech Tap Scheduler will be available this fall, priced at $699 each.

Future updates will increase compatibility with other platforms. These devices should be available worldwide.

These complement the recently launched Logi Dock, which provides an all-in-one solution with multiple ports and even a built-in speaker.

The company said the Logitech Tap IP and Logitech Tap Scheduler are designed to provide secure enterprise-grade performance. In addition, it has an elegant design, cross-platform compatibility, and is affordable.

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