Microsoft Edge adds a set of tabs
Microsoft Edge adds a set of tabs

Before the launch of the Windows 11 operating system, Microsoft is rolling out some updates for its Microsoft Edge browser. And the most useful feature for most people might be adding tab groups. So you can group groups of tabs to make your browser less cluttered.

To create a group, hold the Control key and select the tabs you want to include, then choose Add Tab To New Group from the context menu.

You can customize stickers of different colors for each group. If you hover over the tab, you can also see a preview of the web page.

The browser has also gained some useful shopping features. The browser gives you quick access to reviews and ratings for more than 5 million products.

Once on the product page, click the blue check mark in the address bar to see expert reviews from trusted sources, as well as average consumer ratings from various retailers.

If you can find something to buy, Microsoft works to complete the transaction faster. If you choose to pay at the retailer as a guest, you can click Try Express Checkout in the address bar.

After entering the details manually once, the browser can save them for future transactions through any shopping site.

After making sure everything is correct, click on “Test All Coupons” and “Autocomplete Details”. Then, the browser will add your information and automatically detect if there are any coupons that can save you money, such as a PayPal tool called Honey.

Microsoft Edge receives new shopping functionality

The browser now contains travel suggestions. When searching for flights, you can click the notification in the address bar to see suggested tours and activities for the destination you want.

This tool is currently only available in the US and on some booking sites. But it should be available elsewhere soon.

Most importantly, finding flights and hotels should be faster across multiple websites. After entering the data on the reservation page, the browser can save this information.

Then, when you visit another website, your travel history etc. may be automatically entered there. The company said it has also improved flight search results on the Bing search engine with the help of travel industry partners.

A new custom news feed called Microsoft Start has also been integrated into the browser. When you open a new tab, you'll see titles and articles related to your interests from a range of publishers.

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