More than 40% of professional developers use Windows
More than 40% of professional developers use Windows

Despite the large number of leading technology companies and despite the differences between users, a number of operating systems dominate the computer market. These systems include Windows, Linux, macOS, and finally Chrome OS.

Millions of users rely on their computers to work every day. But it is different for developers and programmers, because their entire job is to write code for these devices.

Programmers differ in the operating system they use. However, contrary to some people's expectations, Linux did not take first or second place.

The sources rely on opinion polls to determine the percentage of users of these systems. In a JetBrains survey, 47% of developers use Linux and its various distributions. In contrast, 61% of users use the Windows operating system.

A new survey was later published on Stack Overflow. The network is considered the largest platform for programmers, programming and development. Developers use it to communicate and ask questions. Over 80,000 professional developers took part in this survey.

Professional developers use Windows

Our latest survey helped us understand the health of operating systems among professional developers who have worked professionally and systematically in this field.

As a result, we know that 41% of developers mostly use Windows, which is to be expected as it provides a reliable programming and development environment. In addition, its use is also required for Microsoft programming languages ​​and technologies.

The survey examined 57814 professional developers and also told us that 30% of developers who voted are using macOS. This is understandable as it is the only platform that supports iPhone and iPad app development.

Overall, Linux is in the middle with 25% of the vote. The relationship between the first vote and the second vote is very similar, which gives us greater confidence in these results.

Windows users may not fully trust it, but they also use the Linux operating system. In fact, two systems can easily be installed on the same machine. To use macOS, you need a Mac or MacBook.

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