Sony should release a portable PlayStation
Sony should release a portable PlayStation

Players' needs are very different. But perhaps one of the most important needs that is not really covered is to play somewhere. Because the PlayStation platform requires a TV and a power source to work.

And the Xbox is no different. This means that gamers who need to play games anytime, anywhere only need one device, the Nintendo Switch. There is no doubt that the games are very limited, one of the highlights of which is the exclusive Nintendo game itself.

We're starting to see new alternatives like Valve's Steam Deck. It is a personal computer but it is portable. Perhaps this device will greatly improve competitiveness.

In general, there are very few mobile gaming platforms and very limited. Smartphones may have started a fierce competition with them. With the rise of smartphones, watching portable professional gaming platforms disappear would be a bad thing.

But Sony was once an industry leader, and thanks to its portable PlayStation, PSP, and PS Vita devices, these are still in use today. In a recent poll, 94.02% of users think Sony needs to restart PlayStation Portable.

portable playstation

About 1,200 users signed up for this survey. While this number is small, the percentage is clear. On the other hand, anyone interested in gaming will find that introducing the PlayStation Portable is a great idea.

In fact, a new gaming platform launched by a company the size of Sony will keep game developers interested in getting a custom version for themselves and for the Sony studios themselves. It would be better if Sony introduces features such as feedback in the new DualSense controller or the unique and attractive design of the device.

Users who took part in the latest survey had different opinions about what to expect from the features of Sony portable devices. Most expect the device to cost around $250, no more, and rely more on buttons than touch.

This platform should offer some really unique games. Because if it offers poor games, it will not be able to keep up with the smartphones that users take with them.

There is no doubt that due to the prevalence of cloud gaming services on the one hand and the power of smartphone gaming on the other, some users have rejected this idea. Speaking of cloud gaming features, it allows users to play professional games only through smartphones and the internet.

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