Nintendo launches Genesis for Switch with six buttons
Nintendo launches Genesis for Switch with six buttons

Next month, Nintendo will offer Nintendo Switch Online subscribers the opportunity to purchase Sega Genesis games as part of a DLC bundle that includes N64 games.

To make the gaming experience as real as possible, the gaming giant is also selling the Nintendo 64 and Genesis wireless controllers exclusively to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

The gaming giant has revealed the three-button Genesis console in its latest Western live stream. She released a six-button version in her homeland, according to a tweet from the company.

Key owners must use the three-button Genesis joystick to work in most areas. The company produces a six-button version of the Genesis console. But it is only available in Japan.

The company announced that the console is part of an upcoming expansion of the Nintendo Switch Online service, which will bring a number of Genesis and Nintendo 64 games to the Switch platform at a higher price than the current subscription.

The company produces advanced wireless versions of Genesis consoles and Nintendo 64 gamepads suitable for games like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Mario Kart 64.

Each console costs $49.99 in the US and is only sold to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Nintendo has not revealed the exact release date. Old games on Nintendo Switch Online work well with Switch Joy-Cons or professional consoles.

The company said different regions will make different decisions based on different factors. The original SEGA Genesis console replicas are available as models for the USA and Canada. It is by far the most widely used and best known SEGA Genesis joystick in these areas.

Nintendo states that the 6-button model is applicable in Japan

The Genesis started with a three-button gamepad, while the six-button model was not introduced until the early 1990s when fighting games were booming.

The arm design with two rows of three buttons is more suitable for customizing buttons for arcade games like Street Fighter 2 and Angry Street 3.

These games use additional buttons to make it easier to perform various actions. But the strange thing is that Nintendo will produce a more powerful console in 2021 and limit it to one region of the world. Especially since the switch platform is sold in all regions.

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