Yahoo is developing a new calendar app called Day
Yahoo is developing a new calendar app called Day

Yahoo is developing a new standalone calendar app called Day. The company hired Jeremy Le Fan, co-founder of another calendar app, Sunrise, and sold it to Microsoft for more than $100 million. Become the primary calendar platform for the popular Outlook and help from Microsoft. its design.

In addition, the company is said to have given Lefan's team the freedom to develop software independently of the company's other assets.

A company spokesperson said: “We are exploring different ways to better serve consumers, including new ideas around managing mobile devices, calendars and events.

The service is currently in closed alpha and an invitation is needed to prepare for a major launch (you can also sign up through the website).

The calendar is the backbone for organizing people's lives, whether it's at work or while playing. It can be said that with the transfer of our events and plans to digital platforms, the calendar has become even more powerful.

For a platform, this means that using a calendar function or an app as part of a larger service is a good way for users to participate in a larger platform, and it's also a way for the platform to gain more knowledge about user behavior.

For example, Google Calendar is highly interconnected, usually automated and integrated with broader productivity and information services, making the company better able to keep the user engaged.

When it comes to online calendars and calendar apps, services like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook control hundreds of millions of users around the world.

Before Microsoft bought Sunrise calendar software in 2015 and discontinued it about a year later, it was one of the apps that won praise.

Yahoo has hired the founder of the Sunrise calendar app

Well-thought-out design and functionality help it stand out in a market dominated by heavyweight companies and gain an enthusiastic fan base.

But then Microsoft shut down the Sunrise app, leaving fans to look elsewhere without being able to fill the void.

Yahoo isn't the only company that might be concerned about this issue. Facebook acquired Redkix in 2018 and is bringing more calendars and other productivity tools to the workplace.

Yahoo has a short calendar tool that you can access through Yahoo Mail. Its popularity is still unclear. Currently, it is very easy to integrate email with most other calendar applications.

This is different from the way Google, Microsoft, or even Yahoo are integrating calendar functionality into a larger productivity suite. This is not the company's attitude toward Dai.

The application was created by members of the corporate mail team. But it was seen as a start and launched for independent development.

This means that the current version of the app does not include any branding or integration with Yahoo. Unlike many calendar apps on the App Store, our plan is to keep them separate. Combine it with every email or other tool a person uses.

It can also be difficult to use Yahoo Mail - which still has nearly 200 million users - to support Marketing Day.

The move confirms Yahoo's loss to Google in areas such as search, email, video and advertising. She believes that in the right way, there is more room for innovation in this crowded market.

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