Qualcomm introduces aptX Lossless for Bluetooth devices
Qualcomm introduces aptX Lossless for Bluetooth devices

Qualcomm continues to showcase its wireless audio vision by introducing aptX Lossless audio technology into its comprehensive audio product portfolio.

aptX Lossless is a new feature of the proven adaptive aptX technology. It is also a new feature of Snapdragon Sound technology that delivers lossless audio quality through Bluetooth wireless technology.

As long as your headphones and media streaming device support it, aptX Lossless technology can be used to stream lossless audio via Bluetooth.

Technology constantly monitors RF input, output, and the environment for optimum quality and performance.

The company has taken a system-wide approach and improved several core wireless and audio technologies, including aptX Adaptive, which work together to automatically detect and scale audio to deliver lossless audio with CD playback when users listen to music files.

“We are excited about the future of audio and are constantly looking for ways to help our customers deliver new and exciting listening experiences,” the company said. So far, the bitrate required for lossless audio transmission over Bluetooth is not yet available. As many leading music streaming services now offer extensive lossless music libraries, and consumer demand for audio continues to grow, we're excited to announce this lossless audio streaming with future consumer CD playback.

Qualcomm introduces aptX Lossless for Bluetooth devices

To reliably deliver true lossless audio to CD via Bluetooth wireless technology, aptX Adaptive works in tandem with Qualcomm's High Speed ​​Bluetooth Link technology to provide the data throughput required for wireless transmission of lossless tracks.

This technology can compress the signal into 24-bit 96kHz quality to ensure you don't experience any interruptions. You can also manually switch between 16-bit 44.1 kHz and 24-bit 96 kHz transmission modes. This is true even though the technology automatically switches to first mode when the source is detected without loss.

These technologies are designed to work together seamlessly and deliver data rates greater than 1Mbps, while reducing the transfer speed of 140kbps in crowded RF environments to reduce interruptions or audio issues, resulting in a reliable, high-quality listening experience.

According to the state of audio survey in 2021, sound quality is the most important decision factor for purchasing audio equipment, and the survey also shows that the demand for better audio streaming quality is increasing.

More than half of the respondents wanted HD or lossless sound quality. 64% of respondents said that great sound quality could influence their decision to purchase wireless headphones.

It should be noted that 2021 is an important year for lossless music. After Apple introduced higher-quality streaming media, Amazon no longer charged extra for it.

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