Razer makes a thimble to unlock the potential of fingers
Razer makes a thimble to unlock the potential of fingers

Razer has announced a new gaming accessory for gaming finger sleeves. The thumb cover is woven from highly sensitive silver fibers and the breathable fabric allows gamers to have better control over the touch screen and provides extra comfort.

The term armband is usually associated with the arm, but gaming finger stalls are not suitable for your arm. These new accessories just fit your thumb.

Mobile gaming has become one of the largest gaming platforms in the world with 2.2 billion players. Global sales are expected to reach $76.7 billion by the end of 2020, an increase of 12% over 2019.

Mobile gaming is a booming industry these days and everyone wants to earn money in one way or another.

From gaming smartphones to the games themselves to accessories, the market is flooded with products designed to take advantage of this lucrative business.

Therefore, not all of these products make sense, including products from well-known brands.

Although there are a large number of different types of game controllers on the market, mobile games are still the first to be designed to respond to touch inputs.

Smartphone manufacturers have improved touch response and screen refresh rate to raise the bar for mobile gaming. But in that regard, they can't solve one of the biggest complaints about smartphones.

The glass screen of a smartphone naturally accumulates dust and fingerprints that can affect your performance.

Razer makes a thimble to unlock the potential of fingers

Razer hopes to solve this problem with these fabric thimbles designed specifically for gaming. Its main function is to help your fingers to grip the screen better thanks to its high sensitivity and non-slip silver fiber material.

Unlike most fabrics, this sensitivity does not interfere with touch. The company claims that the 0.8mm-thick material is lightweight, breathable, and sweat-absorbent. These sleeves can also be hand washed.

The company appears to be taking its new products very seriously. Like the Zephyr RGB Mask, which serves as both a microphone and a speaker for gamers, the Gaming Finger Sleeve is a de-facto commercial product and is now priced at $9.99 each.

It should be noted that the company is a prestigious brand among global professional players. It produces gaming monitors, headphones, mice, keyboards, chroma-assisted cup holders, chairs, gamepads, laptops, and desktop computers.

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